Tri County Landscaping for Santa Cruz County Large Selection of Stone, Gravel and Stones for Landscaping Projects.  

Landscaping Gravel, Stone, and Sands
Available at Tri County Landscape Supply

Stone, Gravel, Sand and other Rock Products for the professional landscaper. Whether you seek small river pebbles to create a dry creek bed, sand for a patio foundation or other grading project, or rocks suitable for lining a french drain, Tri County Landscape Supply has a large selection of landscape stone, cobbles, and stone materials for your landscaping project. We also offer pavers, stepping stones, bricks and blocks.

We'll Deliver 1 to 100 Cubic Yards and 1 to 25 Ton to Your Landscaping Project Site.

Click an image for a larger view of the landscape stones. STREAM BED PEBBLES
Rock Products Material Cubic Yard Bag 5 Gal.
Base Rock Base Rock      
Yellow Sand Brown/Yellow Sand      
Cal Gold Fines CalGold Fines      

Cal Gold, three eights inch

Cal Gold, three quarter inch

CalGold 3/8 and 3/4      
Concrete Mix, three quarter inch Concrete Mix 3/8      
Drain Rock, one and one half inch Drain Rock 3/4, 1, 1/2      
Dolomite, three quarter inch Dolomite 3/4      
Dolomite, three quarter inch Ginger Rock      
Dolomite, three quarter inch 1 1/2 Ginger Rock      
Granite Screenings, One and one quarter inch Granite Screening 1/4      
Grey Fines Gray Fines      
Grey Fines Lodi Pebbles 3/4"      
Grey Fines Lodi Pebbles 3/8"      
Medium Noiyos Noiyos Cobbles - Medium and Large      

Small Noiyos

Small Noiyos

Noiyos Cobbles - Small      
Pea Gravel Pea Gravel 3/8      

Plaster Sand Number One

Plaster Sand 1      

Plaster Sand Number Two

Plaster Sand 2      
  Rainbow River Rock      

Red Lava, five sixteenths inch

Red Lava, three eights inch

Red Lava

Red Lava - All Sizes      
River Rock, three quarter inch River Rock 3/4      

Yuba Quartz, three quarters inch

Yuba Quartz, one half inch

Yuba Quartz, one and one half inch

Yuba Quarts 3/4, 3/8      
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